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Atlanta Falcons
Adrian Clayborn's season may be over after Atlanta Falcons sign DE

After Malliciah Goodman's signing, we believe the Atlanta Falcons will sideline Adrian Clayborn for the remainder of the season.
Adrian Clayborn tore his MCL and partially tore his meniscus about a month after suffering a knee injury in Week 12 from the initially report, the 6th year surgery and recently provided a positive update via Twitter.
Malliciah Goodman is a defensive end familiar with the Atlanta Falcons. His signing may indicate the Falcons have doubts Adrian Clayborn will be ready by the playoffs. Atlanta signed Clayborn to a 2-year deal prior to this season. Injuries had already sidelined the him for a majority of the seasons.
Atlanta may be anxious to get one of their best pass rushers back on the field but they also have to keep 2017 in mind. The Falcons drafted Malliciah Goodman out of Clemson in the 4th round of the 2013 draft. He appeared in 34 games, before being cut toward the end of Training Camp in September. He was most recently a member of the Seattle Seahawks.
The Falcons defense as a whole struggled to apply pressure to Alex Smith without Adrian Clayborn on the field. Dan Quinn may end up cycling through a rotation of Dwight Freeney, Courtney Upshaw, and Malliciah Goodman. Goodman having familiarity with Atlanta's system has him in a position to contribute sooner than later.

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